This is Datup's philosophy, with which we materialise uses of artificial intelligence in industry.

Empowering with Data to be used in your digital transformation in an easy, fast and automated way.

We use Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.

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Below you will find a series of answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

We look forward to answering your questions. Write to us if you have any further questions.

What is a Data-as-a-Service platform?

It is a solution for the storage and processing of information in the cloud, where the availability of resources, operation and maintenance are guaranteed and do not depend on the customer's management.


Datup is a data-as-a-service platform that enables the realisation of business initiatives related to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

How do I know if my company needs Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things solutions?

Any company whose business and strategic processes depend to some extent on information analysis is an ideal candidate to promote data initiatives.


There are generally two motivations for starting with data solutions:

how can I be more timely and accurate in delivering results? and

How can I learn more about my data to create new strategies?

How do I know if my data sources work with Datup?

At Datup we recognise not only the strategic but also the economic value of companies' investments in their information systems.


Therefore, we are prepared to interact with a large repertoire of data sources, such as: MSSQL databases, Oracle databases, ERP, Warehouse Mmgt Systems, NoSQL databases, Hospital Mgmt System, csv files, JSON, XML, spreadsheets and much more.

How much does it cost to use the Datup platform?

At Datup we strongly believe that your business data initiatives don't require multi-million dollar investments or complex, vendor-agnostic solutions.


To do so, we invite you to consult in the Pricing section the use cases and tariffs that best suit your business.

What is the difference between Datup and my company's ERP?

In fact, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications are one of Datup's favourite sources of data, as our platform feeds on this information to answer business questions that go beyond the systematised recording that these tools allow.

What is the difference between Datup and IBM Watson, SAP HANA, Oracle Miracle and the like?

Big data platforms from large vendors require high upfront investments from customers for solutions that more often than not exceed actual business needs.


At Datup we provide clients with advanced Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solutions to answer business questions with the dynamics that the business allows, i.e. times and budgets.

In my company we have a data analytics department, why should I consider Datup?

In our experience, in-house data initiatives and business questions are measured in the dozens, which overwhelm specialised teams.


This is where Datup becomes an ally for your data teams, solving business questions with the resources and technology of our platform in an efficient way, complementing the work that your data analytics department is doing.

How safe is it to use my data in Datup?

At Datup we know the importance of data security.


This is why the first thing we do to protect your information is to receive it anonymised, we do not need personally identifiable information to run the models.


Furthermore, all data is encrypted in transit and in storage within our platform.

How much information do I need to have to use the AI Datup platform?

This depends on the models you want to apply.


The more historical information you have, the more insights you will be able to identify within it.


However, don't be discouraged, if you are collecting data so far and it is of good quality, the models can be applied and as you collect more data, the models will learn and present you with new findings.

What quality does my data need to be of to be used on the Datup platform?

Data quality should be at least 75%.


We initially evaluate your data on the platform and show you the percentage of data quality and if you do not comply, we inform you that you need to improve your data in order to be able to use it.

What is Digital Transformation for Datup?

For Datup, Digital Transformation is a series of actions carried out by the employees of a company, based on a vision and management leadership that allow the constant design of an organisation to constantly change according to the demands of its environment and market.


The main objective of these changes is the continuous learning of the value variables in business models and the search for new offerings that will enable the future growth of any organisation.

How can the concepts of Digital Transformation be interpreted by applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies?

Datup's conviction is that it is not possible for targeted Digital Transformation actions to coexist in a company without the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.


Digital Transformation requires a business culture of optimisations, efficiencies and the search for new value offerings.


One way to achieve these objectives is through effective data analysis, which detects the relevant points to be improved within a company, as well as the new initiatives that an organisation must undertake to ensure its sustainability in a market.

What does it mean to take advantage of data in a company, under the concepts of Digital Transformation?

Datup understands the use of data in a company as the best way to learn, unlearn and relearn.


Using the words of Alvin Toffler, in one of his most precious works entitled "The Shock of the Future". In other words, business knowledge must be a cultural part of an organization that leads to the highest learning standards, which surely lead to cycles of hypothesis, measurement, analysis and experimentation using reliable data techniques.

What are the variables of value that can be leveraged in an organisation with a Digital Transformation process, with Data?

Datup associates the Digital Transformation model under the Academic concepts of IESE Business School professors, which determines that the new value offerings to look for in the Transformation processes are Anticipation, Automation, Personalisation and improvements in the Organisation of its business processes.


For Datup, the only way to achieve the above value objectives is through descriptive and/or predictive data analysis techniques.

What are the most obvious risks in the search for value variables with data?

It is clear that data analysis techniques, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, have risks when there are no clear ethical policies in an organisation.


An organisation must always take care to respect the privacy of data when it affects individuals or companies, important security rules must be in place to prevent information theft and reliable techniques must be included that lead to an accurate analysis so as not to draw the wrong conclusions.


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