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How-To Beauty Express: Accessing Datup Results

Below, you will find a detailed description of how to access the resources available for results consultation: Web Dashboard and Results Repository.

Web Dashboard

1. To access the Web Dashboard click on here. We recommend you to save it in your favourites for quick access. In the dashboard you will be able to access the Ranking and Forecast modules.

Forecast module. Graphical view
Forecast module. Table view.

2. To download the results cubes for each module, click on the button in the top left corner Download Data, which will take you to the results repository.


Results Repository

1. In the secure folder assigned to you at Files.com which is available at the following link you must enter your name, your company name and the password provided by Datup.

2. When you enter you will find the Results folder , which in turn has the results cubes for each module of the solution: Ranking and Forecast. 

3. The results can be downloaded in 2 ways, downloading all at once by clicking on the Download All button or one at a time using the Downloadbutton.