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How-To: Interpreting indicators-Colombina

Below, you will find a detailed reference of the indicators and fields present in the results generated, in order to facilitate their interpretation and use in the continuous improvement of the production and operations processes, in terms of efficiency and automation.

Dictionary of Indicators

The name of each indicator and field is shown in alphabetical order and, where applicable, a brief description and calculation.

Indicator Name Description Calculation - Parameters
Con container alert
Cont Size = " Under 70% capacity"
Appointment Date
Bill of Landing
# IC Invoice (bring in cross SAP with IC Invoicing) cross with #Invoice in Bill of Landing and bring in Text Column Adi 1)
Bill To
Invoiced Customer Code
Comes from file VA05
Billing Date IC
Invoicing date Intercompany
Comes from the IC order billing report file.
Container reservation number with the shipping company
From the Tracking 2022 archive
Broker Name
Broker Name
Confirmed Departure Date
Zarpe Real
Confirmed ETA
Real ETA
Container Number
Container Number
Container Type
Container type
Comparison of the weight and volume of the order against the weight and volume limits of the containers: *20St (16000 kg 30 m3 ) *40hc (20200 kg & 70 m3 )
Customs Days (Customs - Notification)
Customs liberation (Archivo Colombina Arrivals) - Notification/arrival date
Date Invoice S.O
Invoice date SQ00 Billing Sales Order
Days to Production based on Sap
Prosuction days in sap
Delivery Date
Delivery date
Delivery Date ZLED
Taken from the Zled archive
Delivery Days (Delivery - Due Date )
Average days this afternoon or on time in delivery
Delivery Date (ZLED) - Due Date
Delivery Days (Delivery-Notification)
Delivery Days
(Delivery Date - Notification/Arrival Date)
Delivery Status
Status according to flowchart Delivery Status
Delivery vs Notification Indicator
USA Logistics Indicator
(Delivery Date - Notification/Arrival Date)>7 (days) LATE, else ON TIME
Item description
Days (Mode of Delivery)
Delivery days depending on the type of shipment
View flow chart estimated Time of Delivery
Due date
Delivery DI requested by customer
Retrieved from VA05 file
Empty Date
Empty Container Return
Empty Return Days
Average days it takes to return an empty container
Empty date - Delivery date
Estimated Delivery Date
Estimated delivery date according to the flow chart Estimated Time of Delivery
Estimated ETD
Estimated initial sailing date
Due Date - 35 days
Estimated Final Production day
Estimated date by which production should be completed
Due Date - 45 days
Estimated Loading Date
Estimated loading date
It takes the loading date column or if it is empty it is calculated like this: Estimated production day + 2
ETD vs Zarpe Real
Estimated ETD vs Actual Zarpe
Export Indicator Alert
Export Indicator (Actual vs Promise Naveiras transit)
(Confirmed ETA - Confirmed Departure Date)<= Promise Service On Time, else Late
Fact Colsa(IC)
# Fact Intercompany in status report name. Corresponds to column titled Fact COLSA of status
Final ETD
Updated Sailing Dates
Final Production date
Final production date updated
Read the date column by code of a new or existing order. Take dates from the order codes and choose the latest or latest delivery date of the order.
Final Production Date Variation (days)
Days difference between production end date vs. production delivery start date
End date - start date
Final Production Indicator
Late/On time production
Final Production Indicator (days)
Estimated Production day vs Final Production. Calculate in days if you are producing 45 days earlier
Estimated Production day - Final Production (days)
Indicator Delivery
Delivery on Time indicator
Delivery Date (ZLED) <= (Due Date + 5 dias)
Indicator Load time
On-time or late indicator of the time it takes to load after production is ready. Should be within 10 days
Fecha Zarpe Real <= (Fecha Facturación reporte pedidos IC + 10 dias)
Initial ETD
Initial ETD Sailing Date
Initial ETD vs Final ETD (days)
Final sailing date - Initial sailing date (days)
Initial Production date
Initial production date
Taken from status report
Invoice S.O
# Fact SQ00 billing Sales order
Reference code
Last Final Production Date
Initial Production End Date. Initial date that production is delivered when the order is opened.
Date by code. Take dates from the order codes and choose the furthest or latest delivery date of the order.
Late Causals
Causes of delays
Late Responsible
Responsible for delays
Taken from Logistics KPI's - OTIF 2022
Lead Time Real
Delivery Date - Start production Date
Last Free Day
Notification/Arrival Date +7 days
Load Time(days)
Time it takes to load after it is ready for production
Invoicing date IC order report - FInal production date = loading days
Loading DC
Sector (port of departure)
Take item and item qty from SAP order. If the quantity of sweet and spicy items is equivalent to 80% or higher choose La Paila. Otherwise choose Colcauca. Specially for Iberia Foods customer (Bill to 1001895,100194)
Logistics Group
Mode of Delivery
Type of delivery
Taken from status report
Notification/Arrival Date
Arrival Date
Number of changes in Final Production Date
Changes in production end dates
Date change counter by code.
Order State
Order status
Percentage of weight used
Percentage of weight used
Division of the total weight of the order by the weight limit of the selected container.
Pick Up Date
Pick Up Date
Pick up Date Indicator
Delayed pick up date vs. last free day
(Pick up date - LFD (days))>0 is LATE else ONTIME
Pick up Date vs LFD
Days taken from carrier to deliver vs last free day
Pick up date - LFD (days)
Purchase Order
Port Ship to
Port of destination
Production Time(days)
Actual production time
Production end date - SAP order date
Promise Transit days Port
Port transit
Suggested quantity to be shipped
Real QTY
Actual quantity shipped
Cross Sales Doc column with SAP status #. Get Invoiced Qty column CAR, of the material of each Sales Doc.
Real Transit Days
Real Transit
SAP creation
SAP Information
Service Promise
Promise of Service Shipping Companies
Port and Naviera-> Search in transit master and bring in Dias
Ship to
Location destination
Shipping Instructions
Shipping Instructions
Shipping Instructions/Delivery Address
Shipping Instructions/Delivery Address
Sales Order
Start production day
Production start date
Total Volume
Total container volume
Total Weight (Kg)
Total container weight
Trafic Light
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg)

Flow Diagrams
Computational Logic

Delivery Status

Estimated Delivery Date

Mode of Delivery