The only demand planning software that delivers forecasts with +95% accuracy using AI. +95% accuracy using AI.

Plan your supply chain demand, manage your inventory and evaluate the performance of your portfolio in a single tool.

Dashboard Demand Forecast

Integrated data

Automatically use information from your ERP, WMS and CRM to calculate your forecasts.

Predictive analytics

Predicts demand by integrating internal and external variables such as weather and holidays into one model.

Collaborated forecasts

Creates collaborative forecasts with finance, marketing and sales teams (S&OP / S&OE)

Leading supply chain teams use Datup to improve results

Traditional demand planning solutions do not work for you don't work for you because:

They do not integrate with your ERP's, WMS's and CRM's, so you don't have all the up-to-date data you need to calculate forecasts correctly.

They do not take into account variables such as weather, holidays, leadtimes and political changes that affect demand.

Manual processes of copying, pasting and fixing information that generates human errors and makes you lose hours.

Key functionalities for demand forecasting

Direct integrations with your ERP, WMS and CRM

Integrations to all the data sources your company uses such as ERP's, WMS and CRMs.

And if you have a new integration, we can connect directly.

More accurate forecasts thanks to the integration of +200 external variables

Factors such as weather, holidays, lead times, exchange rates and other external factors are analyzed to calculate how they will impact demand.

Visibility of savings and forecast accuracy

We calculate month by month how much savings you are generating through forecast accuracy and how much the accuracy rate was.

Savings in demand forecasting

Collaborated forecasts (S&OP / S&OE)

It generates collaborated demand scenarios and then compares actual demand vs. the suggested and collaborated forecast.

Demand forecast deviation

Reconciled demand forecasts

Do currency to units or units to currency conversions to calculate exactly what you need.

Reconciled demand forecast

New product forecasts

Allows predicting demand for product launches with no sales history.

New product forecast

Manage demand and inventory in one place

Analyze the Sell In and Sell Out of your products

It allows to visualize deviations and anticipate problems of excess or shortage of inventory.

New product forecast

Analyze your turnover rate

Analyzes by product the rotation by product, category, quantity, revenue and rotation speed

Inventory turnover

Calculates reorder points and sends the values to your ERP system.

Based on safety stock, supplier supply times and automatically expected demand.

Flexibility in forecasting and demand management

Filter by product and category

Consult demand by category, product or material for differentiated forecasts.

Export your data to excel

Bring all data into Excel with a single click to manipulate data and make custom calculations.

Compares different periods

Compares current forecasts vs. forecasts for past months, quarters and years.

Share your reports

Share with your team by email, download as PDF or use a link to view the report in real time.

How to plan demand

Integrate all your data sources to access historical data.

Select the solutions you want: demand forecasting, inventory management and portfolio optimization.

3. Analyzes the different scenarios: suggested, upward and downward.

4. Create your own collaborative forecast with sales estimates.

5. Analyze forecast accuracy, savings generated, customer satisfaction, inventory levels, etc.

Demand management solutions

Demand forecast

Ask for the estimated demand of any product in your portfolio, or the consolidated one.

Analyze different scenarios, while collaborating with other teams.

Inventory and supply management

Optimize your inventory and define what to buy and when to buy it.

Calculate reorder points, optimize stock levels and synchronize purchases with actual demand to reduce stock-outs and overruns

Performance management portfolio

Classify your products by profitability margin, turnover and price to find which are the most profitable and strategic, and which should be re-evaluated to ensure you don't overstock slow-moving products.


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