Turn your supply chain data into real savings with  predictive IA 

Don’t lose any more money due to inaccuracies in your demand forecasts. With predictive AI, achieve over 95% accuracy in forecasts within 5 weeks to optimize your supply chain

Leading supply chain teams use Datup to improve their results

Successful Supply Chain teams no longer rely on opinions to forecast demand; they use data and AI instead.


Excessive inventory levels that tie up capital and impact profitability.

Frequent stockouts that impact your sales

Wasting time on manual and repetitive tasks


Reduce excess inventory by up to 2.5 times and improves cash flow

Reduces stockouts by up to 4 times by reference and location

Save 100 hours on operational tasks every month

he solutions available today don't allow you to have accurate forecasts

Inadequate tools lead to inaccurate forecasts

Using simple averages and working with static data in Excel or ERPs leads to high margins of error.

Many sources of information are fragmented

ERP, sales team projections, suppliers, CRM, and other sources of information are not connected to provide you with personalized results

External variables that are difficult to predict

Changes in the economy, politics, and lead times of your suppliers make it difficult to accurately calculate real forecasts using traditional methods

Datup seamlessly integrates with your data, delivering interactive reports where you can view forecasted demand and suggested inventory levels.

Datup seamlessly integrates your internal data and incorporates over 200 external variables, such as inflation and weather, to offer recommended scenarios for demand and inventory forecasting

Podrás responder las preguntas de tu equipo con confianza.

One single platform to optimize your forecasts, manage your inventory, and collaborate with sales and marketing

Make your purchases with confidence with reliable demand and inventory forecasts

Turn forecasts into intelligent inventory and procurement decisions

Make business decisions based on the performance of your portfolio

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